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4:45-5:30 PM

$99 per Month

My son, Brooks, had always been a good baseball player and golfer. When he was younger, he enjoyed recreational baseball leagues and playing golf with our family. As he got into middle school, he stopped playing baseball and wanted to play golf more competitively and train to make the high school golf team. Brooks' physical fitness had always been somewhat limited by asthma. He was taking three maintenance medicines and kept an inhaler for flare ups.
Brooks wanted to learn how to work out to get in better shape, get stronger and improve his endurance, all qualities that would help his golf game. He began working out at NuBody three times a week and began to see marked improvements. Besides losing weight, gaining muscle and confidence, his golf game improved - hitting the ball farther and walking 18 holes, carrying his bag with no problems. The best part has been his reduction of asthma medicines. He is still on one maintenance med and keeps an inhaler, just in case. NuBody's program has made him a healthier, stronger and more confident. If you have children who need more than the half hour Physical Education class once a week, who want to attain their fitness goals or get healthier, NuBody's your best choice. Take it from Brooks; he lettered in golf as a freshman!

~Barbi Jones
Concord Resident
My 11 year old son, has been consistently attending Sports Performance for the past 4 months.  He plays soccer at the Classic level. 

In these short months, it is amazing to see how his vertical, speed/agility, and overall fitness level has changed significantly.  He was already a great athlete but Sports Performance has taken him to another level.   This change has given him tremendous confidence and has been great to watch. 

Several of our soccer parents would ask me what he was doing to make such changes.  Sports Performance and his hard work has definitely paid off.  He is looking forward to seeing where this class will take him next!

~Carol Valencia
Concord Resident